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Connecting Visitors to Family History through Homestead Artifacts

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Today was another one of those fulfilling days when we at the Homestead were able to help visitors make a direct connection to their family history … Continue reading

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Getting Schooled at St. Vincent’s College, Los Angeles, ca. 1883

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Having an institution of higher learning is another one of those common benchmarks found with the development in mid to late nineteenth century towns and cities, … Continue reading

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Drilling for Black Gold at the San Fernando Oil Region, 1873-1875

by Paul R. Spitzzeri “Drilling for Black Gold” is a new series of post on this blog focusing on oil prospecting, which was a major part of greater Los Angeles’ … Continue reading

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Curious Cases: A Rare Photo of Jailer and Police Officer Francis J. Carpenter, ca. 1879

by Paul R. Spitzzeri He’s been a “bit player” in several of the eight sessions of our Curious Cases program of presentations and group discussion about early Los Angeles crime and criminal … Continue reading

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Beyond the Grave: Old Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, ca. 1890

by Paul R. Spitzzeri As the Homestead’s Beyond the Grave program, which looks at concepts and rituals associated with death and dying in America and greater Los Angeles through the 1920s, … Continue reading

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From Point A to Point B on Horse-Drawn Vehicles in LA, 1890s-1910s

by Paul R. Spitzzeri The last post focused on horse riding, so this one is complementary as it highlights three photographs from the museum’s collection showing horse-drawn vehicles from the … Continue reading

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At Our Leisure: Horseback Riding in San Gabriel Canyon, March 1916

by Paul R. Spitzzeri There was a time, of course, when equestrian transportation was the main way to get around in greater Los Angeles.  As streetcars came onto the scene … Continue reading

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