Sharing La Puente History During ABC7 News’ “In the Neighborhood” Segment in La Puente

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Though it appears to be apocryphal, a quote attributed to Pop artist Andy Warhol is now firmly entrenched: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."  Whether Warhol uttered the sentence or not, it will likely never come close to being true and, for me early this morning, I... Continue Reading →

Staff Spotlight: Nora Roeder

by Steven Dugan Internships provide students with invaluable experience as they put their education and training to use working in their desired field. Among the Homestead’s current paid staff, many got their start in the museum field working as an intern. Our summer intern, Nora Roeder, came to us through a Collections Management program at... Continue Reading →

Promoting Greater Los Angeles as the Last Frontier Through the “Southern California Tourist,” August 1927

by Paul R. Spitzzeri A core component of any boom period in a given region is the marketing and publicity efforts to "boost" that area.  In greater Los Angeles, boosterism was perhaps unparalleled anywhere in the United States, fueled by such agencies as the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, which devoted enormous resources towards the... Continue Reading →

No Place Like Home: The Residence of William and Elena Hurlbut, Los Angeles, 1911

by Paul R. Spitzzeri In the first years of 20th century Los Angeles, another in a series of major development booms was underway and among the many transformations going on in the region, whether economic, technological, political or social, was a change in the architecture of the area's buildings. The highly ornamental Queen Anne and... Continue Reading →

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