At Our Leisure: A Real Photo Postcard of Carter’s Camp, Sierra Madre, 16 June 1916

by Paul R. Spitzzeri At the beginning of this year, a post on this blog covered the remarkable juvenile newspaper, The Willow Dale Press, whose entrepreneurs for the one-year life of the sheet, were Florence and Arthur Carter, whose father Nathaniel was, from 1874, owner of the 17-acre "Willow Dale" estate in what is now San... Continue Reading →

On This Day: A Celebration Dinner for the Tweedy Park Subdivision, South Gate, 9 June 1924

by Paul R. Spitzzeri The first years of the 1920s included another one of those major development booms that characterized the growth of greater Los Angeles from the late 1860s onward.  During the early part that decade, there was major development in downtown Los Angeles' commercial and industrial districts, while suburban growth spread in all... Continue Reading →

Making Our Mark at the 48th District Agricultural Association’s Schools’ Agricultural and Nutrition Fair

by Paul R. Spitzzeri As part of our ongoing efforts to expand the Homestead's community outreach, I and colleagues from the museum spent the last two mornings staffing a booth at the Schools' Agricultural and Nutrition Fair, held by the 48th District Agricultural Association this week at Fairplex in Pomona. For the last few years... Continue Reading →

Sharing History With Staff from the Chinese American Museum

by Paul R. Spitzzeri It was a pleasure today to welcome paid and volunteer staff members from the Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles to the Homestead.  The visit began with a presentation about artifacts in the museum's collection related to Chinese and Chinese-Americans in greater Los Angeles.  It noted a couple of connections between... Continue Reading →

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