Time Capsule Tuesday: Stanford Research Institute Study on City of Industry, 1957-1970: Part Ten

by Paul R. Spitzzeri In its significant study of the early history and development of City of Industry, the Stanford Research Institute spent a good deal of time looking at existing conditions through 1963 and, to an extent, to the next several years to 1970.  The fourth part of the report than moved to "Projected... Continue Reading →

Read All About It: TIME: The Weekly News Magazine, 9 April 1928

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Just a couple of weeks ago, media firm Meredith, which just purchased last November the parent company of the venerable news magazine, TIME (yes, it's all caps), for $2.8 million, announced it was selling the empire, which includes such magazines as People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, and Entertainment Weekly. Meredith's deal, which included selling $650 million... Continue Reading →

Through the Viewfinder: Philip D. Nathanson on Early Los Angeles Photography

by Paul R. Spitzzeri The first presentation of our three-part series on early greater Los Angeles photography was this afternoon, given by Philip D. Nathanson, a long-time collector of pre-1890 regional images with a tremendous amount of knowledge about the subject.  Phil gave his talk with many illustrations of views and supplemented that with much... Continue Reading →

Museum Director Musings: Appreciating the Homestead’s Volunteers

by Paul R. Spitzzeri In order for the Homestead to carry out its mission of "creating advocates for history through the stories of greater Los Angeles," the museum relies heavily on volunteers.  These dedicated advocates give tours, care for our collections and buildings, assist with administrative work of all kinds, and provide a great deal... Continue Reading →

Museum Director Musings on the Homestead’s Spring Landscape

by Paul R. Spitzzeri It's sometimes too easy to get trapped inside the office and forget that the Homestead had a remarkable landscape, thanks to the financial support of the City of Industry, the general oversight of our facilities coordinator Robert Barron, and the day-to-day care provided by contractor Square Root Landscaping. Obviously, much of... Continue Reading →

Getting Schooled With a Photograph of Professor Edward W. Claypole, ca. 1900

by Paul R. Spitzzeri It is pretty amazing that, within the fifty years of 1850-1900, greater Los Angeles went from having no public schools or institutions of higher learning to having a well-developed public education system and some excellent colleges and universities.  In many ways, this development mirrored transformations in education throughout the United States,... Continue Reading →

Striking a Chord at the Earl and Olive Valentine Music and Art Studio, Los Angeles, 1927-28

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Today's "Striking a Chord" entry on greater Los Angeles era music is a striking photograph by Miles F. Weaver of the summer class of the Earl and Olive Valentine Studio of Music and Art in Los Angeles for the 1927-28 year.  The husband-and-wife proprietors stand at the center of the first... Continue Reading →

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