Through the Viewfinder: Spring Street North from Fourth Street, Los Angeles, ca. 1902

by Paul R. Spitzzeri After a difficult decade of depression and drought, the first years of the 20th century brought a new economic and population boom in greater Los Angeles, following the Boom of the 1880s and the smaller growth spurt in the decade after the Civil War. Today's "Through the Viewfinder" highlights a snapshot... Continue Reading →

No Place Like Home: The Dupuy Mansion, Alhambra, 1920s

by Paul R. Spitzzeri One of Walter P. Temple's longtime friends and business partners was Sylvestre Dupuy, a native of Los Angeles who was born on the Rancho Rosa de Castille.  This property, encompassing today's campus of California State University, Los Angeles, and nearby areas, was granted in 1831 to Juan Ballesteros, but never confirmed... Continue Reading →

From Point A to Point B: The Pacific Electric Railway Alhambra Line Extension to the Town of Temple, 1924

by Paul R. Spitzzeri   Fifty years after F.P.F. Temple became treasurer of the Spring and Sixth Street Railway, a horse-drawn streetcar line that was greater Los Angeles' first rapid or mass transit system (modest though it was), his son, Walter P. Temple attended the opening of the completion of an extension of the Pacific... Continue Reading →

On This Day: The Strange Saga of Harold J. Whitaker, 1926-1927

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Today's "On This Day" post highlights a wanted notice circular reissued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on 21 September 1927 seeking help from other law enforcement agencies in finding and arresting Harold J. Whitaker, wanted for felony grand larceny and an escape from the county jail. The circular was... Continue Reading →

La La Landscapes: Yamashiro, The Bernheimer Residence and Gardens, Hollywood, 1914

by Paul R. Spitzzeri For decades, the Yamashiro Japanese restaurant has been a Hollywood landmark, with its distinctive architecture, lush gardens, and outstanding views being among some of the most enticing elements of the site.  The history of the property, however, goes back more than a century and to the unusual story of Adolph and... Continue Reading →

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