Noah’s Flood in an ARkStorm on the San Gabriel River/Rio Hondo in Whittier Narrows

by Paul R. Spitzzeri This summer marks the 250th anniversary of the Portolá Expedition, the first European land-based travel through California, and, as some posts here last month noted, the fifty-plus members of that group came over la abra ("an opening" or La Habra in a corruption of that phrase) in the Puente Hills and descended into... Continue Reading →

On This Day: The Wedding of F.P.F. Temple and Antonia Margarita Workman, 30 September 1845

by Paul R. Spitzzeri In late June 1841, Pliny Fisk Temple, who'd turned 19 while at sea en route from Boston, arrived at Los Angeles for what apparently was to be a one-year visit in the frontier Mexican pueblo.  When he came to the City of Angels, Pliny made the acquaintance of his half-brother Jonathan... Continue Reading →

On This Day: The California Land Claims Act of 3 March 1851

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Among the many major issues confronting authorities in the newly seized American possession of California was how to approach the thorny question of land grants made by officials under Mexico and Spain.  The stunning discovery of gold in early 1848, followed quickly by the massive rush the following year, also provided... Continue Reading →

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