Sharing History With the Rowland Heights Community Coordinating Council

by Paul R. Spitzzeri It was a pleasure to talk tonight at the Rowland Heights Community Center to about 50 attendees of the monthly meeting of that unincorporated area's coordinating council about John Rowland and his fascinating history.  Rowland gets brief mention at the Homestead during tours of the Workman House as the longtime friend,... Continue Reading →

Locating a Lynching in San Gabriel, January 1857

by Michael Ackerman At last August’s Curious Cases series presentation at the Homestead, The King Family of El Monte and Personal Justice, 1855-1865, Paul Spitzzeri briefly recounted the lynching of four Latino men following the killing of Sheriff James Barton and a three-man posse, though he'd given a more detailed account in a previous Curious Cases... Continue Reading →

Sharing the Political History of the Rowland and Workman Expedition with the Covina Valley Historical Society

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Tonight it was my pleasure to return for what I believe is my fifth or sixth presentation to the local Covina Valley Historical Society, this time to share some of the history dealing with political motivations of the move of John Rowland and William Workman from New Mexico to California in... Continue Reading →

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