No Place Like Home: A Trio of La Casa Nueva Construction Photographs, ca. 1924

by Paul R. Spitzzeri While there are only two known exterior photographs of the Workman House prior to 1900, which is perhaps not surprising, given that images from the 19th century were largely taken by professionals and, in rural regions, like in the (La) Puente, such things were even rarer, there are plenty of photos... Continue Reading →

A Journal by Thomas W. Temple II from the Workman Homestead, July-August 1924, Part Four

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Continuing this post based on the informative and interesting entries from Thomas W. Temple II's journals from his summer vacation back home at the "Workman Homestead Rancho" in late July and early August 1924, we pick up with his writings of 7 August. Thomas began by observing that "yesterday was Agnes'... Continue Reading →

A Journal by Thomas W. Temple II from the Workman Homestead, July-August 1924, Part One

by Paul R. Spitzzeri During almost all of the period in which the Temple family occupied the Homestead as their permanent full-time residence after the death of Laura Gonzalez Temple in late 1922, the four surviving of the five children were away most of the year attending various boarding schools.  There was a definite trade-off... Continue Reading →

A New Acquisition: A Decorative Tile by Pedro Sánchez of Puebla, Mexico, ca. 1920s.

by Paul R. Spitzzeri Almost two weeks ago, our general information email box contained a message from someone wanting information on Pedro Sánchez, a Mexican tile artist, because a hand-painted tile was donated to a Upstate New York thrift shop at which, Tasha Statham, the correspondent works.  The beautiful piece was assumed to have some... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of the West in “California Constructor” Magazine, 1 March 1928

by Paul R. Spitzzeri The extended economic boom in greater Los Angeles during the 1920s included the migration of hundreds of thousands of people to the region and one of the biggest consequences of that phenomenon was the building of houses, commercial structures, schools, roads, bridges, and other general elements of infrastructure. For these first... Continue Reading →

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